Not everyone who owns a pair of Sperrys also owns a 20ft yacht. More realistically, they live in a landlocked area and just want a low key, functional shoe that gives them a little taste of the nautical life.

AD: Alex Zermeno


This is a parklet. They take over parking spots in front of businesses and give patrons a place to sit and enjoy the nice, non-oceanic air.




What do boats, shoes and Uber all have in common? They all get you somewhere.

Now, make your entire Uber app a little more nautical by entering Nautical Mode. When you enter Nautical Mode, you have the chance of being picked up in our RV Skipjack. The selected riders will also win a free pair of Top-Siders. 


The closest thing to a boat when you're nowhere near water is an RV, unless you have a boat in your front yard on cinder blocks. For argument’s sake, we'll say you don't.