How to meet one of your advertising heroes 101

Make a forum board. Then act cool like it was super easy to do. 

Eric, if you're reading this, thanks for following me back on Instagram.

I told my mom about it.

Passion project for the best game on planet Earth

Seriously, I love this game. I can't be beaten. Don't even try, nerd. 

Won silver at Circus Student Show with this video.

Also broke plenty of laws, including bribery and trespassing, to get this footage. 

Embarrassing video of me when I was 21 and thought I was "hot shit"

I was in a band in college. We weren't terrible.

Everyone knows a band’s most important member is the drummer.

Skip to about 3:27 and then again to 4:30. Those are the parts where you can see me the most.

The apple didn't fall too far from the tree. Much to the apple's surprise.

My dad used to build decks when I was a kid. I tried to help but you can't really do a lot with a tiny plastic hammer.

He gave me all his tools as a gift last year, definitely not because they moved and had no room for them.

I built this bar and bench with my own two hands. I love building stuff. It's incredibly satisfying.

Big shout out to the wonderfully talented lady who drew my face in a pineapple.

Jane Collins - You made my dream of being animated inside of a fruit come true. Thank you.